Who I Help

Here are some examples of individuals and situations that could be addressed in a professional business coaching engagement.

Individual Contributors

You are likely functionally and technically talented, as well as operationally strong. If you are on a non-managerial track, I would welcome a chance to help you develop more advanced competencies, such as building a network. Or perhaps I could help you build some of the competencies you will need if you decide to go the manager route.

New Manager

Many individuals are challenged by the transition from colleague to manager. You will also be asked to quickly develop a host of new competencies, such as dealing with ambiguity. A steep learning curve. I would welcome a chance to help you through this transition.

Experienced Managers

Have certain competencies been a challenge for you for some time? Are you too easy? Too tough? Too operational? Too strategic? As people develop a greater awareness of recurring themes in their work history, a professional business coaching relationship can help individuals create a strategy for self-development and professional success. I would welcome a chance to help you work towards positive change.