Professional Development

The path to professional development and growth often begins with greater self-awareness. The information gleaned from various assessment tools can accelerate our ability to grow and learn.

A 360-degree assessment provides feedback to individuals from several possible points of view (managers, peers, and direct reports), as well as the person’s self-ratings. People learn how others’ perceptions differ from their own, which can have a positive impact on their development.

Personality assessments serve as an aid in the process of helping individuals become more cognizant of their typical behaviors, as well as their workplace values and motives.

As people develop a greater awareness of recurring themes in their work history, IAS Inc. can help individuals create a strategy for developing a broader array of competencies related to their professional success.

“People change only if they feel it is in their own best interest to do so. Adults cannot be ‘changed’ except through a process that leads them to feel personally dissatisfied with their current competency, personally clear about what their own goals for competence are, and personally clear (and confident) about how to use new competency behaviors. Learners must feel a gap or discrepancy between their current and desired level of competence: It is this gap that provides the energy and direction for change.” Spencer & Spencer, 1993

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