How I Help

I help individuals who want to take control of their career by understanding their personal strengths and challenges. Similarly, organizations may ask me to help them foster their high-potential employees through coaching conversations.


Many organizations have a robust program for high-potential employees. If your organization does not or you wish to embark on your own professional development plan, let’s talk about how I could potentially help you.

The path to professional development and growth often begins with greater self-awareness. The information gleaned from various assessment tools, along with a professional business coaching relationship, can accelerate your ability to grow and learn.

Companies & Organizations

When it comes to training and professional development, organizations often offer synchronous courses intended to cast a broad net. In contrast, a professional business coaching engagement is individualized attention, specifically targeting an individual’s goals and challenges.

Learning and Development and Human Resource Departments:

Does your organization believe that there are too few highly-qualified leaders coming up through the ranks? Are your high-potentials receiving individualized support? I would welcome a chance to work with your promising up-and-coming leaders. A relationship with a professional business coach can be an important part of an overall development plan.

Selection or Promotion:

Research has shown that job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and overall performance are related to the fit between a person and the job and the organization. Various assessments can help in ascertaining whether someone is a good fit for a particular position and the organization, such as structured interviews, as well as personality and motivational assessments.

Succession Planning:

Much has been written about succession planning for large organizations – from successors to the organization’s executive team to the development of general internal talent pools. Can many of the same methods be employed in a small- to mid-size business environment? I believe the answer is “yes.”