About the Process

First Session

We will explore the goals you would like to work on. We will also discuss if one or more assessments would help you reach your objective. I would also like to understand what success will look like for you. Based on the foregoing, we can discuss my fees and the costs of assessments, if any, as well as scheduling of future sessions.

Subsequent Sessions

We will explore your aspiration in greater detail. What ideas/feelings/values do you experience related to your goals? We will discuss what’s important to you and what may be getting in the way. We will establish specific next steps you will take before we meet again.

Final Session

My hope is that you have achieved your goals and are on the right path. It’s time to celebrate your achievement. To send you on your way, we will also talk about opportunities and possible set-backs as you move forward.

“You really do ask great coaching questions and I hope your clients appreciate what a gift you are giving them!”

A Coaching Colleague